Beauty and art drive me. To observe, create and to change, feeds my lust of developing forms and working with materials. Music, nature and people of light stir my hunger to find a new extension for a woman's body, complementing her natural beauty. 


I believe that many women in these days lost track of their feminine side. Their style changed to something practical, something that works in everyday life. The worst advice I read in one of those magazines we love so much „…don't wear a skirt to work.“

There is always a blunt and an artful way to attire oneself. We were given those wonderful delicate bodies with soft hands, graceful arms or a long beautiful neck, so why not lead the observers' eyes to the neck, the earlobe, the wrist with a beautiful piece of jewelry? I love my body and I love to slip into a wonderful dress and elegant high heels and to cap everything with a piece of jewelry which represents myself and what I want to represent in that moment. 


Born in 1986 in Hamburg, Germany I was surrounded by fashion especially during the print era  in Hamburg and the hanseatic trade companies. So I started my career in foreign trade at Tom Tailor, a Hamburgian fashion company. Once during that time I wanted to be sure how the shipping process was working, so I signed on to a container ship that was going to Stockholm. A great experience! Fascinated of the fashion world I studied fashion and design management (B.A.). The most thrilling part of this branch was the creation and development of a new design, starting from the sketch until the arrival at the shops. I did a few work experiences in China and Thailand and finally on Java (Indonesia), where I came across the traditional silversmithing. Finally I knew what I wanted to create and how I could show my soul to the world. 


I made such great experiences while I was working around the world and the people shared their expertise and knowledge with me and I always wanted to give something back. So I went into production in China, Thailand and Indonesia.


Nordic simplicity, geometric shapes and Asian traditions influence my work. Enhancing the grace of the women wearing my jewelry is the overall intention I have during my design process. Every piece of jewelry is dedicated to the beauty of a lady‘s body.