Hidden Globe - Chain Earrings


These long chain earrings are a contemporary and bold character piece, which embodies Stefanie Heinrich‘s vision of feminine aesthetics. They are the perfect finishing touch to day and evening looks and will enhance the woman’s grace immediately.

As part of the Hidden Globe collection, they are a fond contribution to modern jewellery design, giving the popular yet bourgeois white pearl a fresh makeover. 



Rhodanized sterling silver

Pearl: genuine white sweetwater pearl with a slight rose shine



The earrings have a total length of 8cm. 

The Hidden Globe has a diameter of 18mm. 

The round sweetwater pearl has a diameter of 10mm. 



The silver is rhodanized to protect it from oxidation, to keep the beautiful shine and make it more resilient against scratches. Anyhow, this delicate piece of jewelry is made of precious materials, which deserve a careful handling.

Pearls and silver should be protected against any kind of chemicals, including soaps. The jewelry should be stored seperately to prevent it from scratching, the best is to keep the jewelry in the original box after wearing.


Hidden Globe - Chain Earrings

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